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'At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.' Jane D. Hull

Homework gives parents/carers to be involved in your child's education. Our aim of is to give homework that provides opportunities to:

  • Consolidate or extend learning in school.
  • Practise skills learnt in school across different contexts.
  • Develop character skills: teamwork, independence, resilience, understanding and managing feelings, empathy, considering actions.

Our 'Homework Challenges' provide fun and engaging activities that link to what we are covering in school. It also provides an excellent opportunity to extend learning and practice skills across a wide range of subjects. Some activities require adult support to complete, whilst others can be completed more independently. Of course, reading books, spellings and times tables are still taken home.

At the beginning of each term, your child will receive their 'Homework Challenges' to complete. The challenges are variety of fun and engaging activities that relate to the learning your child is undertaking in school. Children can choose which activity they would like to complete. However, you will see that two of the challenges must be completed. These are the empowering learning tasks for the term and develop important 'life skills'. For each activity completed your child will receive points, which will go towards their points target as shown on the 'Homework Challenge' sheet. Children will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards for their points tally. For homework where a child has particularly tried their best, Head Teacher Awards may be given.

The focus for the homework is on the quality of work, not how many tasks can be completed. The homework is based on three key principles:

  1. Be creative.
  2. Show good presentation.
  3. Always try your best.

As always we encourage feedback from parents/carers. If there are any queries regarding homework, please contact your class teacher.

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