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23rd April 2021 Newsletter

A warm welcome back to all of our families following the Easter break. Let us all hope that this term does not have the same disruption as we had in the spring term. Whilst it is looking unlikely, I am sure you would all agree that in the event of a positive case in school, keeping bubble closures to a minimum is a top priority.

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19th March 2021 Newsletter

It was absolutely fantastic to see all children return to school last week. I'm sure your child enjoyed meeting up with their friends again as well as getting back into busy school life.

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March 2021 Newsletter

It was great to hear the announcement last week that all children can now return to school. For parents supporting home learning, I'm sure if feels like a long time coming. Since the announcement, we have been busy in school preparing for the whole school return.

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February 2021 Newsletter

We are now at the end of half term and what a challenging 6 weeks it has been for children, parents, staff and the school community. In my newsletter before Christmas, I mentioned the challenges we could face in January given the rise in Covid cases at the time.

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18th December 2020 Newsletter

This is of course the final newsletter of the term. I hope you have liked the new format. If you have any comments as to how it could be improved further, then please email the school. What a term it has been! Despite the huge challenges we as a school community have faced, there have been so many successes and things to celebrate.

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8th December 2020 Newsletter

As we move to the end of term, I thought it would be useful to update you on the developments in our curriculum. As mentioned in previous newsletters and other correspondence, we have taken a phased approach since September. The first phase was to help children settle back into school routines and support their social/emotional development following the first national lockdown and subsequent school closures for the majority of pupils. The second phase was to establish the level of learning loss in pupils which aimed to support our third phase of helping pupils 'catch-up'.

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20th November 2020 Newsletter

Sadly, following the half term holiday, we have had two more positive cases in school and have had to close our Early Years classes and one Year 5/6 class. At the time of writing, cases in North Yorkshire are well above the national average so in many ways this comes as no surprise. Following the email sent out to you this week from the North Yorkshire Public Health Team, it is clear that they are taking the rise in cases very seriously.

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November 2020 Newsletter

A warm welcome back to all of our children and parents/carers. I hope you had a great week, despite the pretty awful weather. It was with a huge shock that after my delight in having no further positive COVID cases in school we had a positive case in Hazel class in the final week of half term.

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16 October 2020 Newsletter

I am delighted to say that at the time of writing, we have had no other positive cases in school since our positive case was announced after only 4 days from the start of term. The risk assessments and procedures I communicated with you in the summer are all still in place in school. We continue to work tirelessly in ensuring everyone in school is kept safe.

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